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The age of exploration has come to an end to the land of Canwaith. The world is mapped, the City-States have staked their claims and only the wild, uninhabitable Bloodtide remains uncivilized. Commerce is the law of the era and while there are dangers to be had in the Human Stadts, the Lords keep their people safe and secure.

To ensure that trade and diplomacy continue uninterrupted, Guilds of militarized messengers were created by the four great City-States. Their task: Deliverance. When it has to get there safe and soon, these Guilds ensure that it will with a minimum of risk. The messengers are drawn from all walks of life, anyone who might have skills needed to ensure Deliverance.

Built upon the foundations of the Iron Kingdoms Setting, updated into 4E and edited for continuity, Tegami Batchi is a steampunk fantasy that takes a unique look at the place of the adventurer when the society no longer needs him.

Home Page

Tegami Batchi (Working title) Lyrinoir