The Land of Canwaith

The land of Canwaith is just beginning to settle down from a long history of war and exploration. The upstart humans have clashed with their neighbors, staked their claims, fought their wars and now are ready to settle down and begin the real process of civilization.

Four Human City-States make up the bulk of Canwaith, Vrox in the north, Escalar in the south, and Kresh and Zorin-Cale in the central region. East of Vrox lies the domain of the Dwarves, the lands known simply as the Runestadt. The old and dieing land of the Elves are on the eastern border of Zorin-Cale, but they are xenophobic in the extreme and do not interact with Humans or Dwarves with any frequency. Newcomers to Canwaith, the City of Steammen, Crystalgrid, was only recently founded by the leave of the House of Escalar in the southwestern edges of their territory. The Steammen are sentient artificial constructs that are powered by coal and created by their “King Steam,” an enigmatic amalgamation of a thinking engine and its designer.

The “Uncivilized lands” beyond Canwaith proper consist of The Tatters, a string of islands off the coast of Escalar, and the Bloodtide, a marshy expanse that stretches east of the entirety of Canwaith. The Tatters are inhabited almost entirely by the remnants of the Enclave of Life’s Majesty and their twisted creations. Few who venture there return, but rumors of pirates and corsairs who make their lairs in the dead islands. The Bloodtide is inhabited by Trollkin, monsters and, in the south, the Human colony, Menoth, a settlement of a persecuted religious sect who fled Escalar some hundred years ago.

These City-States are held in a treaty of peace by the laws of the Jihara Accords, a body of legal and military protocols that define the relationships between the four nations while maintaining their cultural identity.


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