Vrox is the oldest of the Human City-States. It was founded some three centuries before the start of the last Great War. Its culture is equally old and it has kept the nation from truly accepting the rapid rate of technological advance. This fact alone has kept Vrox firmly in second place. Their territory is expansive and their longstanding traditions have kept matters under control, if not overly forward looking.

Vrox is ostensibly an Empire, but the control of the nation shifts back and forth between the standing High General, and the Lord Emperor. Currently the Emperor and the Trader’s Senate are in control, but the increased presence of Faybreeds on the northern borders has started to mobilize the military.

Vrox’s mail service is known as the Princeling’s Men. It was a military messenger service during the wars, used to convey orders and military intelligence. While the military era has ended, the Princeling’s Men have maintained their military hierarchy and discipline. Their convoys are slower than most other services, but they are by far the most secure means of transportation available. This has also prompted them to take up service as ad hoc bodyguards and road wardens at times.

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Tegami Batchi (Working title) Lyrinoir